Men’s Hair Loss

Hair Loss Solutions for Men in San Diego

Simply accepting the fact that you’re losing your hair and going bald now no longer needs to be your only option. No matter what type of men’s hair loss you are experiencing, RAZ INTERNATIONAL INC. has a hair loss solution for you.

The ITHL™ Method
The ITHL™ Method or Integrated Thread Hair Lines, is an excellent way of combatting the problem caused by thinning hair if you have not yet experienced total baldness. We’ve been continually perfecting ITHL over the last 30 years to create a 100% natural finish that fills in the areas of the hair that are thinning in a seamless manner. Many of our previous clients have chosen ITHL because:

  • No adhesives or glues are used
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • It seamlessly blends with your natural hair
  • We do not have to trim or shave your existing hair
  • You can treat your new hair exactly like your natural hair

Grafting Full Head

Grafting uses a fine, micro-welded mesh that adheres to the scalp with medical bonding. This bonding adhesive is completely safe and is designed specifically for long-term application to the skin. The hair graft is completely seamless and provides an excellent hair loss solution if you have lost all, or a lot of your hair.

Our latest grafting technique is the MVP method,a multi-directional, light density men’s hair graft which is designed with a new single-layer micro-fine welded mesh base. MVP is designed with the active man in mind, meaning that no matter whether you play basketball or tennis, box, cycle or swim you can do so in complete confidence.

If baldness or thinning hair is making you look older than you actually are it’s time to turn back the clock. Do something about it today.