Raz's clients reviews

Josephine's Testimonial

I heard about Raz International on San Diego Insider TV. I was very curious and skeptical. My hair has been thinning these last few years and was tired and very self conscience about wearing wigs. I made an appointment and sat with Amnon.

He was very concerned and empathetic to my needs. I loved that he was not interested in the sale but more in my well being. His service is impeccable and he is very honest. His product is great, I feel like a new person. He is always at my disposal and I could not be happier. I put my head in his hands and haven’t looked back. You will not be disappointed in him or his products….


Karen's Testimonial

My thinning hair was causing me distress, but I didn’t believe anything could be done that wouldn’t look fake. How wrong I was! Amnon was able to create for me a full head of hair that looks and acts completely natural. People have begun to say that I look as young as I did a decade ago — and I haven’t had a facelift! I am completley satisfied, and I feel newfound confidence.


Debbie's Testimonial

I have been going to Amnon for almost 2 years. I could not be happier. I do everything with my hair – swim, sleep, shower, exercise, and I never have to even think about it. It is so natural, people just tell me I haven’t aged, and I look great. Amnon is fantastic.


Beverly's Testimonial

Raz International has changed my life. I was always distressed because of my thinning hair. Now, I know that my hair always looks great, natural and full. I do not worry about humid weather, which was a major problem for me.I feel so much more confident and younger.


Linda's Testimonial

Amnon is the consummate professional. He’s honest, caring, and reliable. Amnon aims to please all his customers. Loss of hair is such a huge issue, and his method is natural, safe and affordable. After two years it feels like a natural part of me.


Susan Walker's Testimonial

I have been a customer of Raz International for approximately 3 years and am delighted with the results. My hair looks natural and I receive compliments from my friends and family about how nice I look.

It is a tremendous boost to my self-esteem and I feel comfortable with my personal appearance as a result of being a Raz International customer. I need would heartily recommend Raz International to anyone with thinning hair.


Janie's Testimonial

I could say a million great things about the wonderful and professional service, but the bottom line is I LOOK TEN YEARS YOUNGER!!! YEY!!!! It is so nice to have hair. I can fix it in so many different styles.

I feel like a million bucks! Thank you so much Amnon!!!!!! You have a customer for life! PS: My husband absolutely loves it!!!!


Kelly's Testimonial

My new hair looks natural and no one including my own family has noticed I have hair addition. I am very happy to find Amnon and Raz International to solve my hair issue!


lily's Testimonial

I have been going to Raz now for almost a year and it was the best decision I’ve ever made for my thinning hair. The thought of how my thinning hair looked made me self conscious when I was in public or just around others.

Now that I have a full head of hair, I can concentrate on other things. The service is wonderful, you can’t find a more sincere person to work with than Amnon.


Millie's Testimonial

I have been a client of Raz for 9 years and I’m SO happy to have found Amnon. His expertise is amazing; he knows exactly what to do with each client and I’m not surprised we’re all thrilled. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, but to lose it does not have to be devastating if you know where to go to solve the problem!


Wilma's Testimonial

I have struggled with my thinning hair for years and tried a number of different treatments without success. A friend led me to Raz and after meeting Amnon I felt that this was the right approach. I am delighted with my my hair. It looks wonderful and I get compliments all the time. Amnon has a wonderful sense of the right style and color for me. He is a true professional!


Carol's Testimonial

I’m really happy about the service I get at Raz International. Normally thinning hair is something that you try to hide but after visiting Amnon I felt so good about the way I look with my hair. I can style it in different ways and feel great, so why not share my experience with everyone else?

I can’t just go to someone with a thinning hair problem and tell them I know someone that can help because they might turn around and slap me in the face! But when the opportunity is there and if someone is seeking a solution to their problem I’m happy to talk about it!

One thing that I like about Raz International is that, Amnon who I spoke with first also did my coloring, cutting and attaching. I felt very comfortable with him. He answered all my questions, clearly and honestly.

The next morning after my treatment I washed my hair as I wanted to see how it would look when my hair was wet and pulled back. It looked like the way hair should look when wet - more hair and less scalp! I also worried about my scalp showing while driving with the top down and in yoga class - my daughter confirmed that she could not see it. Now I feel good and look good - I am more than happy about my new hair and about Raz International.


Linda's Testimonial

Amnon knows how to solve the issue of thinning hair. I have had many compliments since he added the extra hair, and it looks and feels very natural. It is a much better way to solve the problem than having to wear a wig or a ponytail all the time.

I was no longer able to wear my hair down before I decided to start with Amnon’s service, but now I can wear it down or up. He and his staff really do care about their clients.


Angie's Testimonial

I have been wearing my hair enhancement for almost a year now. During the first 3 months, my husband and daughter did not even realize it until I told them…that’s how real looking it is! Last March, I fulfilled my dream of skydiving… without a helmet… and my hair did not blow away ! Thanks, Amnon.


Jan's Testimonial

Finding Amnon and Raz International was an answer to prayer. I searched for years for something or someone to help me with my thinning hair. The answer literally came in the mail when I saw an advertisement for Raz International.

When I called and talked to Amnon the first time, I could tell he was a caring person. When I met him and learned about his unique method for adding volume with a hair addition that was attached without glueing and shaving, I was intrigued and decided to try it. That was 3 years ago. I have been thrilled with the results and can’t thank Amnon enough for the wonderful hair and service he gives me every time I come in for maintenance treatments. Thank you, Amnon! I am so thankful I found you!


Debbie's Testimonial

I never even knew there was a reasonable solution to my thinning hair until I met someone who had gone to Raz International, and saw her results. I now have natural looking hair, I run, sleep, shower, and swim with it. It is part of me.


Norma's Testimonial

It’s been over 2 years now and I want to say that I haven’t had a “bad hair day” since my first visit to your salon. I no longer dread going out to a social event! As a senior citizen, I appreciate that!!


Claire's Testimonial

So lucky to have found Raz International. My hair looks amazing. Amnon is so caring and really understands the needs for each individual. He is very knowledgeable about color and style.


Mark's Testimonial

The first time, I was thinking about hair restoration was 5 years ago but I never thought to find a man like Amon, I call him the Michelangelo of hairstyles, I had a small adventure in Los Angeles witch made me believe how lucky I am to have someone like Amon to take care of my hair, talking about the adventure.

Well... the first thing a can say that there was no love into the work and that made me feel like I was one of many other great people with out hair,, then the hair cut was extremely fake not paying attention to the details of the hair cut, she was creating, and the the experience was just not enough to make me happy, first there was not love into the hair pice, secondo there was not enough talent to come close to Amon work belive me, I was stund when I saw Amon working on my hair he sculptures just like an artist and bring your hair into a real masterpiece of art and makes you feel confident about your self, some people don’t believe how much there is behind an excellent job of hair style, if you are looking for something special, there is no other place in San Diego, that can make a dream of having hair come true, this is my real experience. Thanks Amon.


Barbara's Testimonial

As someone who always had long thick hair I was heartbroken when a medication I have to take caused me to lose much of my hair. It took away my self esteem and caused me to become very depressed. I tried so many things that didn’t work……then I found Amnon!

I met with Amnon to discuss my situation and knew he was the person to help me with my problem. He was kind and empathetic and really wanted to help me. Amnon is professional and a real artist. His staff are wonderful and his wife is a joy. I love my hair and I feel self confident again. People ask me if I have done something different because I look younger! I would recommend Raz International to anyone who has an issue with their hair. You will not be sorry. You can trust Amnon to help you in any way he can to restore your hair. He helped me feel like myself again and I am so happy and grateful.


Linda's Testimonial

Totally professional and caring staff. Amnon is an experienced artist! He has helped alleviate my sadness regarding my fine, thinning hair.


Pat's Testimonial

Amnon has done such a great job with my hair. He works magic. I have very little hair left and he is able to make my hair look full, fabulous and natural. He has been available for me at the drop of a hat in a hair emergency and is always professional and upbeat.

I am very happy with my hair, a statement I didn’t think I would ever make again! Thank you Amnon!


Carol’s Testimonial

I’m really happy about the service I get here. Well I feel so good about myself. Normally thinning hair is something that you try to hide but when I got this I felt so good about the way I look with the hair.


Jan's Testimonial

I thought I was possibly having some health problem even though I was healthy. I did a lot of research online and I also had gone to the doctor. I tried monoxide and different topical solutions.


Rose’s Testimonial

My name is Rose I’m 24 years old and I’m currently a full time student.

My story begins when I was about 19. I started noticing that I begun losing quite a bit of hair.

I think that with women especially as well it can be a multiple number of reasons from your thyroid to pattern hair loss. I tried different topical hair creams Rogaine for women.


Sonja's Testimonial

My name is Sonja and I’m 50 years old.

I will say that I started losing my hair during my pregnancies. I tried everything that you can name as shampoos, laser, Rogaine and still my hair wasn’t the same and I just felt old.


Jim's Testimonial

Such wonderful service!


Harel's Testimonial

Profesional,caring and genuine team. Great service and honest people.