Three Big Ways to Slow Hair Loss

We all lose hair on a daily basis, anywhere from 100 up to 250 hairs per day! Some people, due to hormones, diet, stress, pollution, mineral deficiencies or medications will deal with greater hair loss that leads to balding patches. Once wenotice that we are suffering from hair loss, or have a heredity pattern that indicates that we may develop it, there are some things that we can do to slow the pattern.

Holiday Hair Restoration for San Diego Women

The holidays are a time of celebration and parties, but for women of San Diego experiencing hair loss, there may be a desire to stay at home and not go to events. This does not have to be the case with hair restoration taking only an initial consultation time and a selection of options to choose from to handle hair loss.

What is ITHL (Integrated Thread Hair Lines)?

ITHL is an acronym for Integrated Thread Hair Lines and is a healthy method of hair restoration for San Diego men and women. This technique providing hair restoration solutions for individuals is beneficial to the recipient, incurs less trauma and looks and feels natural with no pain or chemical interactions.

Why Do I Have Hair Loss?

Why do some women or men in San Diego have hair loss and others do not? There are many answers to this question, for hair loss is not a result of only one factor. Each individual, a man or a woman, may experience thinning hair due to heredity, medication, stress, poor diet or environmental influences, or a combination of these.

Minerals and Vitamins to Combat Hair Loss in San Diego

Looking for natural ways to combat hair loss in San Diego? The leading provider of hair restoration in San Diego offers these suggestions on vitamins and minerals that may help reduce hair fall. Your hair fall may not be preventable or reversible, but it may be possible to get stronger and healthier hair by utilizing some of these vitamins and minerals as part of your diet.

Fighting Loss of Hair with Food

Worried about your loss of hair? These foods may be able to help prevent loss of hair in both men and women. We have discussed some of the worst food for hair loss in the past, so now we want to focus on the top 5 foods that may help you in preventing you from losing your hair.

Can Curry Leaves Prevent Hair Loss in San Diego?

Evidence is showing that curry leaves may be instrumental in preventing hair loss in San Diego and premature graying. A natural and cost-effective solution to aid in hair health may be to utilize curry leaves. While certainly not a miracle product, there is evidence to suggest that curry leaves can help rejuvenate hair follicles that have been damaged, prevent premature graying, and even help to stop some forms of alopecia in San Diego.