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Meet Amnon Zakay – The Founder of RAZ INTERNATIONAL INC.

Since founding RAZ INTERNATIONAL INC. back in 1982 Amnon Zakay has combined his professionalism, passion, knowledge and artistic skills to give countless happy clients across San Diego their confidence back.

Amnon Zakay is a licensed barber in California and certified by the AHLC (American Hair Loss Council), as a Master Hair Replacement specialist. He views hair restoration as not only his profession, but as an artistic endeavor that enables him to help people restore their confidence and beauty. Amnon is constantly striving to refine his techniques, so he can continue delighting his clients with the most effective and natural solutions for their thinning hair and hair loss.

Master Certificate

a licensed barber in California and certified by the AHLC (American Hair Loss Council), as a Master Hair Replacement specialist.

Dealing With Female Hair Loss

Beautiful. Natural. youthful. - That’s the RAZ INTERNATIONAL INC. Philosophy

At RAZ INTERNATIONAL INC. we specialize in women’s hair restoration and beautification. With years of industry experience to his name, and throughout his years of helping women restore their hair, Amnon has developed a unique concept to fight hair loss and help women rebuild their look.

We do not “sell hair”. Amnon will create a stylish new look that meets each client’s needs so they can say goodbye to the frustration and embarrassment of thin or falling hair. Beautiful. Natural. youthful. Our philosophy sums up Amnon’s unique approach to helping you achieve younger, thicker hair, without breaking the bank - and with no hidden costs or long term contracts either.

In fact Amnon is so confident that his expertise can help you love your life again that he’s one of his own best clients! Since his mid-twenties Amnon has understood how sensitive and emotional losing your hair is, especially for a woman. Developing a genuine relationship with each and every client and tailoring their hair restoration solution to meet their individual requirements is Amnon’s mission in life. Whether it’s a wig, medical bonding, hair grafting, or the natural solution offered by the ITHL™ Method you can trust Amnon to make you feel fabulous - naturally.

Your initial appointment with Amnon is a consultation that explains your options: it is not a sales pitch! RAZ INTERNATIONAL INC. knows how important your hair is to you which is why we believe that you should be given honest, and accurate information that enables you to make your decision without pressure or a biased opinion.


Amnon is not a salesperson or technician, he is a personal hair replacement expert and consultant. RAZ INTERNATIONAL INC. is not a high volume hair replacement company or hair salon, we are a boutique hair restoration specialist.

Tell us how Amnon can use his experience and technique to make your hair problems a thing of the past.