In addition to common methods, Raz specializes in a unique, non-invasive and chemical-free approach to hair restoration. Raz’s unique non-surgical method produces the best results without the use of chemicals, glues, or adhesives. Lost hair is replaced with custom human hair to create a natural, youthful look, while keeping your scalp clean, healthy, and able to breathe. Raz’s unique method and its professional and compassionate team makes it a leader in Hair Loss Treatment.

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Bigger, bouncier hair
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At Raz International we’ve developed ITHL - the most natural, non-invasive, chemical-free solution to thinning hair that will help you restore your locks to their former glory. Using only 100% natural human hair that matches the density and appearance of your own hair, our treatment will turn back the clock and put a smile back on your face. Watch Raz's actual clients and what they have to say about their own experience with RazHair.

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Regain your confidence
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Are you suffering from thinning hair or hair loss? Raz International Inc. understands that every woman should be able to show their glow which is why we offer a new non-invasive hair restoration solution. Our technology combines your own thinning hair with additional hair by creating bridges between the strands to achieve the most natural look possible. No damage to your hair, no hidden details, no surprises. Feel liberated and comfortable when you’re going out without having to hide your hair again.

Introducing the hair revolution
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Hair Restoration & Hair Loss Solutions - San Diego


Our unique ITHL Integrated Thread Hair Lines method doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals or adhesives. After all, if your hair is already thinning, why would you want to damage it further?

Hair Restoration & Hair Loss Solutions - San Diego


You don’t need medication and there’s certainly no invasive surgery involved in our groundbreaking ITHL treatment. We create ‘bridges’ between your hair and the donor hair so we can combine the two



Personal and customized superior service, in a boutique relaxing atmosphere. Raz's professional team is Dedicated, Loyal and Caring. Raz provides a superior customer service that will make your experience an excellent one.

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Women’s hair loss: Restoring inner strength and natural beauty

Presented by Amnon Zakay, a licensed barber in California and certified by the AHLC (American Hair Loss Council), as a Master Hair Replacement specialist.

As much as our society has come to recognize and admire women for their enduring strength, we continue to be dazzled with the qualities of physical beauty. From the big screen and glamour magazine covers to the front pages of business journals, the images that convey power maintain an equal physical allure. Read more >>

Just like you, these people were once worried about their thin hair. Not any more!

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  • Carol’s Testimonial

    I’m really happy about the service I get here. Well I feel so good about myself. Normally thinning hair is something that you try to hide but when I got this I felt so good about the way I look with the hair.

    Jan‘s Testimonial

    I thought I was possibly having some health problem even though I was healthy. I did a lot of research online and I also had gone to the doctor. I tried monoxide and different topical solutions.

  • Rose’s Testimonial

    My name is Rose I’m 24 years old and I’m currently a full time student. My story begins when I was about 19. I started noticing that I begun losing quite a bit of hair. I think that with women especially as well…

    Sonja’s Testimonial

    My name is Sonja and I’m 50 years old. I will say that I started losing my hair during my pregnancies. I tried everything that you can name as shampoos, laser, Rogaine and still my hair wasn’t the same and I just felt old.